MV X Autism


As I’ve said anywhere, MV doesn’t intend to make you enjoy depopulation, but raise awareness about it, about those huge problems that it brings.

That’s why, one of the main objectives of this adventure is to contribute my grain of sand, first, encouraging everyone to come and ride this landscapes, but also collaborating with small local associations emerged from this problems, such as Autismo Teruel, a new association born in Teruel, founded by mothers and fathers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

We, as parents, want the best future possible for our children, not having to leave our roots, nor the life we have formed here, much less that our children have to end up in health centres not enough prepared to treat their disorder.
Sonia Yago. President of Autismo Teruel


Some of the services these children need are at least 150 km away from Teruel, in cities such as Zaragoza or Valencia. It gives an idea of the difficulties that these parents face. Among the main objectives of Autismo Teruel we can mention the following:

  • Psychological support and guidance for families.
  • Availability of specialised professionals in ASD who could officially evaluate and diagnose (none in Teruel).
  • Funding part of the therapies, will be for a lifetime.
  • Defending the rights of families and people with ASD.
  • Getting a place, a headquarter to perform different activities.
  • Carrying out activities and outings with children, so that families can have a break.
  • Training and information in schools and institutes about this disorder.
  • Organising workshops with other children, to encourage communication and social interests.
  • Bringing people with ASD closer to the labour market.
  • Giving visibility and informing society what the ASD consists of, in order to normalise it.
  • Promoting the creation of sheltered housing in order to favor their autonomy and independence.


So if you want to collaborate with them, and get a MV patch, follow these steps:

  1. Make a donation to the association’s Paypal account: (once logged in, go to Send & request money, then to Send to friends abroad). Maybe you prefer writing them via the same email or their Facebook page. Choose the amount of money you want to donate. Let’s say that a coherent amount could be around 10€ per patch. Think you’ll soon save that money in restaurants during the tour, you’ll find few. 
  2. Save  a  receipt  of  the  donation and send it to  and so I can count that you’ve made the donation and the association can thank you.
  3. Choose the way you want to get the patch:
    • I could give it to you in person when you come or when you leave, if I’m here in Teruel those days.
    • We can do some Geocaching and hide it somewhere on the route (easy, I promise, I’ll send you the treasure map so you can find it easily…).
    • Send me an envelope with your address and a stamp (in €) on it by ordinary mail, and I’ll send it back to you with the patch.
    • Or propose any other way, maybe you’d find a better one.


All the collected money will go entirely to them, the costs of the patches are my contribution to this collaboration.

Thank you all for being part of this. See you in Teruel!