Overseas MV Maps Orders

Hi there!!

I’m sending this to the USA & Canada friends who pre-ordered the MV Maps. Thanks, thanks, and again, thanks, I never imagined that I could receive orders from so far!!

I’d like to find the easiest, cheapest, and most ethical and sustainable way to send you the maps, so I’d like to hear your opinions…

I’m thinking that maybe any of you know any kind of printer there, online, or local, so I can send them the file of the map and from there, maybe they can send more easily and cheap the prints. What do you think?

I’ve included on this email one Canadian order, I don’t really know if it can also be included in that “local” print, or should I find another solution for it… Also would like to hear about it…!

Some of you have ordered only the foldable water resistant version, so maybe is easier and cheaper for them if I send it from here… International shipping for an envelope would be cheaper in that case, as you prefer.

So, I would like to know your opinions about these things, as you know, I prefer not to free the file completely but I also don’t want to receive a single € for it, so please, use the comments below to share your opinions so we can decide the best way to arrange it!

One last time: Thanks for your order!!

3 comentarios sobre “Overseas MV Maps Orders

  1. Hola Ernesto,

    Te escribo desde Vancouver (Columbia Británica) en Canada. Por motivos de trabajo, frecuentemente imprimimos materiales con Matt (Matthew javadi <docuplexgraphic@gmail.com). Le puedes mandar un mensaje preguntándole por precios y calidades. Dile que vas de parte de Alberto del Vancouver Prostate Centre y quizá haga un poco de descuento.

    No recuerdo haber pedido el mapa, pero me interesaría saber precios. Pretendo hacer la ruta cuando esté de visita por España.



    Me gusta

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