Some weeks ago I asked you about non-competitive bikepacking events in Europe, as a way of raising visibility about this alternative event format, so far away from what we’re so used to (at least in Spain, hot-blooded country), but with a growing number of participants who no longer feel identified with the concept of «bikepacking race».

AUGH – Umbria Bikepacking. Watercolour based on a photo by @paolopennimartelli for @alventomagazine

I have considered the following factors in compiling this list, based on all the opinions I’ve received:

  • Offroad events only.
  • Non-competitive, in a broad sense, since not everything that doesn’t look like a race is non-competitive: Tight deadlines, intricate rules or 150+ kilometres per day schedules, that’s not what I mean.
  • A coherent registration fee, no figures to mention…
  • Nights are for sleeping and enjoying your bivouac, tent, or a charming hostel, not for risking night after night just because a dot on an app is about to catch you.

Here we go!

Torino-Nice Rally | Italy & France
Tuscany Trail | Italy
Veneto Trail | Italy
Marche Trail | Italy
Abruzzo Trail | Italy
Romagna Trail | Italy
Carso Trail | Italy & Slovenia
Italy Unite Wild Trail | Italy
Scaramello | Italy
Emilia Romagna Bike Trail | Italy
150 S-Miles | Italy
Istra Land | Slovenia & Croatia
GranGuanche | Spain
Pennine Rally | Scotland & England
Highland Trail 500 | Scotland
Roam Scotland Rally | Scotland
SecondCityDivide | Scotland & England
Badger Divide | Scotland
Devon & Cornwall Trail | England
The Southern Divide | England
Calder Divide Trail | England
727 Grand Depart | France
La Grande Draille | France
Bayrisch Lettn | Germany
Steppenwolf | Germany
Taunus bikepacking | Germany
BAC Trail | Germany & Austria & Czech Republic
Midnight Sun Gravel | Finland
All Along The Watchtowers | Netherlands
South by Southwest | Portugal

Pennine Rally – Watercolour based on a photo by @cadence_images

Festivals & Gathers:

Also Festivals, Gathers, and Weekend Rides? Initially, I was referring to events where I could spend a few days off, like a holiday trip, but the philosophies I felt in these two-day events were in line with my requirements, so I decided to include them…

Gather Festival |France
AUGH – Umbria Bikepacking | Italy
BAM! | Italy
Lost in Prealps | Italy
Orbit360 Gravity Bike Festival | Germany
Brother in the Wild | England
Sisters in the Wild | England
Dirt Dash | Scotland & England
Dirty Boar Bikepacker | Belgium
Smugglers’ Path | Belgium
Servatius Bikepacking Weekend | Netherlands
Graveller | Netherlands
Gravel Weekend | Latvia
ON THE map…

I hope this shows that they’re possible, with a growing interest, and encouraging a more inclusive, more social cycling, with greater environmental or cultural sensitivity to the places we visit. More and more of them!

I’ve already made my choice for 2023, and you?


Tuscany Trail 2019